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64 N Hwy 20
Ashton, ID 83420

October 1, 2008 Joseph Corbett and Greg Bitter purchased what was then known as Performance Sports from Mike and Carol Rasmussen. Today, Performance Motor Sports (PMS) in the past four years has quadrupled sales and services and has become the 6th biggest snowmobile dealer in the Rockies out of 40 dealerships including Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. They began their business with 3 employees when they first started and now employ 12 personnel. And the great thing is that 11 out of the 12 are residents of Fremont County!

Since Corbett and Greg bought the business they have been busy with remodeling. They have doubled the size of their showroom, built on a 88x40 Shop/ Service center, and have heavily increased the availability of parts and accessories in stock. Since the purchase, they continue to sell Polaris sleds, and have brought in the Polaris RZR and Ranger franchise. And recently they acquired this winter their line of Yamaha franchise and Star motorcycles. Three years ago, Performance Motor Sports started their Dune Rentals on site at Idaho Dunes R.V. located at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

Their fleet of rentals include: 3 RZR 900 4 seaters; 3 RZR 900 2 seaters; 3 RZR 800S 2 seaters; and 6 Racing ATV’s. Within the past four years, Performance Motor Sports will fix almost any small engine you bring to them including; chainsaws, lawnmowers, boats, ATV’s, UTV’s, SXS, motorcycles both dirt and street. They also offer a nice service to come and pick up your broken machines, toys, etc. at your home or cabin to fix them and will return them to you for a small extra fee.

Their logo is “Sell the best and service the rest!”  Give Corbett, Bryce, or Errin a call at 208-652-7738 or email them at [email protected] and let them assist you this coming summer or winter with your needs or wants!