Ashton Area Chamber of Commerce

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601 Main Street
Ashton, ID 83420

¨ Last year your Ashton Area Chamber of Commerce responded to over 300 phone calls, mailed over 20 relocation/vacation packets, and we had over 20,000 visits to our website; that’s a 60% increase from last year! And 17,000  people looked at over 50,000 pages on our website. Of those who are inquiring about Ashton on the Ashton Chamber of Commerce website, 86% of those visitors were new inquirers of our area!  A 2% increase from last year. Our TOP page was our Solar Eclipse page, followed by our Home page, Lodging, the American Dog Derby, and  the Mesa Falls Byway. This is excellent as those that lodge and enjoy our events in Ashton also see what other businesses our town has to offer. This is just an example of what your Ashton Chamber does for you!


¨ We are gearing up for our Membership drive! Come and be involved with your Ashton Area Chamber of Commerce! Come and learn the benefits of membership and involvement! As we continue to keep our website updated, we encourage our members to check your spot on our website for any changes. We want to represent you the best that we can with your help and input! Please let us know of any changes that may need to be made.

 Membership dues are:

     $75/business; $50/non-profit; $250/premium membership.


¨ In 2015, the Ashton area saw signs of a growing economy: new businesses opening their doors and new people moving into our community. We saw more growth in 2016 and 2017. We expect more of the same in 2018, and the Ashton Area Chamber of Commerce is here to help keep it going. Our newsletter is sharing more local information than ever. Our website continues to evolve and improve all the time. Our Facebook page spreads the word on social media about what our business members are doing. We look forward to the new year and exploring more avenues to grow our economy and better those events we sponsor like the 4th of July Celebration, Trunk or Treat, and supporting the upcoming American Dog Derby.