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The City of Ashton is proud to provide Ashton with quality water, sewer, garbage, and street services. After removing over 400 piles of snow from the middle of Main Street already, our Public Works crew will surely be the most excited men in town to see the snow come to an end. Thank you guys for your long hours and great job during the winter and for keeping our streets plowed!

On Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Mayor Teddy Stronks delivered his State of the City Address at City Council: “Albert Einstein said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

With the past year being an election year and hearing all the promises being made, we as a City Council will continue with our projects that are in the process as we meet tonight.  2016 was the year of many discussions. We sold buildings that were no longer needed and which helped others in the businesses. After 9 years of service our City Attorney, Joette Lookabaugh retired. She was very helpful and served the City with much energy. With her absence, we as a council advertised and feel that we have chosen a great lawyer who has Ashton in his best interest and in serving the Council and the City. Because of new restrictions on disposal of ammonia, we are encountering a 5 million dollar project. Putting in a new holding pond, dredging the existing lagoons and replacing a lot of old sewer pipe that is in need of replacement.

We were able to complete our 3rd street project by Reinke Grain. I feel it is much safer and a big improvement. Ashton Urban Renewal played a big part in beautifying 5th street on the corner lot and improved it into a beautiful pocket park. The announcement of refurbishing the old Ashton Memorial Hospital by the Henry’s Fork Foundation was exciting to see it come back to life and be used as a learning center and office space.

We are looking forward to celebrating our 100 year of the American Dog Derby. Thanks to all of you who are making this possible.

After 32 years of service in law enforcement, our Chief of Police, Tom Mattingly retired. He will be missed at the City and we wish him the best in the future. Greg Griffel was sworn in as Ashton’s new Chief of Police and we feel fortunate to have Wes Owens as his deputy.

My goal is still the same as 2016, to concentrate on Economic Development in the Ashton Area. We will continue to do our best for the citizens of Ashton by following what General Collen Powell said, “There are no secrets to success. It comes from preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

So, keep up the good work! —Mayor Teddy Stronks

Other items that fall under the City’s jurisdiction are the Visitor’s Center, Planning and Zoning, Urban Renewal, and the Ashton Archives. The Archives are open Monday and Thursday from 1-4pm.

It takes many to help us have a great City of Ashton, where we call home. We at the Ashton Area Chamber of Commerce are grateful for the association we have with the City of Ashton and the many volunteers and employees that help make it great! Thank You!

The City Building is open M-F 8am-4pm or you may call them at