The Cut Above

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83 N. 2nd Street
Ashton, ID 83420


Tammy Kent started the Cut Above in 1979 in Rexburg. Seeing the communities need for a Laundromat and trying to eliminate her commute daily she was encouraged to stay in town. So in April 1999 Wade & Tammy Kent-Lehmann built and opened the Ashton Laundromat and Cut Above. Tammy says she has had many wonderful employees that have come and gone from the Cut Above.
The Cut Above offers everything from hair styling, hair cuts, perms, colors, nails, and pedicures. Tammy is at the shop Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The Cut Above is a wonderful asset to our community. So as spring comes and you go and get those quilts washed and freshened from the winter, make an appointment today at the Cut Above. And while you do the laundry let Tammy or Amy pamper you next door at the Cut Above!
Their business hours are Monday –Friday from 9am-5pm, Saturdays 9am- 3pm. After hours appointments are available. For an appointment please call 652-3606.
The Cut Above and Tammy would like to extend a thank you to the community for their support!